The Michael Vick story

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  1. I find it incredible that he went from sitting in the slammer for a year and a half. Everybody predicted the end of his career, backup at best.

    So what happens?

    He becomes an elite QB at the top of his game only behind Tom Brady. Probably will get a huge contract at some point soon.

    Just goes to show, you may be down but you're never out. Stay tough.
  2. You know, I watched that game last night and it occured to me............prison time was good training for him, he must have had good practice at slipping away from tacklers in the shower! You see how slippery he was last night??
  3. before u know it, Charlie Rangel will be running for President, and winning
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    I salute Michael Vick. But I never wrote him off, and I'm sure a lot of others didn't either. The type of guy that was writing off Michael Vick was the typical loudmouth Monday morning quarterback with low self-esteem. The kind that needs to put others down in order to make them feel better about themselves. Did I know Michael Vick was going to come back and kick ass? Hell no. But I was definitely curious to see what he could do and I’m glad he’s got the chance to prove himself again. A lot of other athletes you probably could have written off under the circumstances, but this dude is a stud. Very similar to those who wrote off Michael Jordan when he left the NBA to play baseball. I would never tell someone they can’t do it. When they have the fire inside, a man can do incredible things.
  5. I am very happy for Vick.I love animals and detest what he did,but losing years of his athletic prime,losing 50-100 million dollars as well as jail time was far to much punishment for the offence

    He is a free agent after year I believe and he is sure to get a huge contract.He has more then paid his debt to society and I wish him well
  6. he's still paying his poor decisions. because he is heavily in debt, he only see $4500 per month of his paycheck. the rest goes to his creditors. he's living a modest life now
  7. Uhm did you not read what he did? Dog fighting, electrocution, shooting dogs that failed to perform ++ setting up an illegal gambling and blood sport venue?

    He got off light.
  8. I agree, I think what he did was TERRIBLE, and I don't feel bad for him at all or that he had to go to prison, nor that he has to live a "modest" life.

    If it would have been a "normal" person doing that, they would probably STILL be in prison (due to lack of a "million-dollar lawyer" that I am sure Vick had.) If not they would probably be living on the streets because they would be so poor from all the fines court costs, etc.

    I'm sorry but the extent of the animal cruelty he did was just too much for me to forget. (Not saying ANY is acceptable.)
    The only reason he got off so easily is because of his football career. Just like the movie stars that don't get in trouble (or hardly any) because they are famous. BS :mad: :mad:
  9. Not only is his career completely resurrected, he even has the leader of the free world praising him!

    What a come back story.

    On Monday, the buzz was about how the president had weighed in on the redemption of Michael Vick. Obama phoned the owner of the Philadelphia Eagles to praise the team for giving a second chance to the quarterback, who is again a National Football League star 19 months after leaving prison for his role in a horrific dogfighting ring that killed pit bulls by electrocution, hanging and drowning.

    The president has not spoken publicly about the call, though aides acknowledged that it took place. But Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie told Peter King of Sports Illustrated and NBC Sports that during their conversation Obama was passionate about Vick's comeback.
  10. I must admit I'm torn on the story of Mr. Vick. I know for a fact that people can change, quite dramaticlly. I believe in personal redemption, but at the end of the day only Vick knows what's in his heart. If he truly regrets what he did to those animals, not for what it cost him monitarily, not even his freedom, but what it cost him with his own sense of humanity, then he is on his way to finding some peace of mind. Hopefully he will find his way back to some sense of human decency.
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