The Mexican Problem

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    The Mexican Problem

    1 June, 2007

    Mexico is a land rich in resources. It has plenty of fertile agricultural land, mineral deposits, warm seacoasts, and huge oil reserves. Instead of developing those resources to provide jobs, Mexico exports its jobless people to work here. Their government cares nothing about the welfare of their citizens. It only cares about the $25 billion that they send home each year. This money is what keeps the Mexican politicians in power and is Mexico's second largest source of foreign exchange after oil exports. The government also benefits from the tens of billions of dollars of illegal drug profits raked in by Mexican drug cartels.

    Mexicans have gotten the idea that they have the right to breed like flies, and that it is our duty to feed and clothe them. Our treasonous politicians have allowed this to happen. For that, they deserve to be dangling from a rope. Mexico has exported a FIFTH OF ITS POPULATION to our country. Of the 100 million left at home, 40 MILLION MORE want to come here, according to a recent survey. Half of the families in Mexico have at least one member illegally living in this country. Instead of our people electing a new government, our government has elected a new people.

    There are 25 million Mexicans here in this country, including 5 million anchor babies. This bunch costs our tax payers $89 billion per year. This cost is spread out in welfare, education of their children, crime, incarceration of their criminals, and medical care. Mexicans send over $25 billion per year from their earnings back home, which is lost to our economy. The total economic loss to our country is on the order of $114 billion per year. This does not consider the $80 billion per year that the War on Drugs costs. Mexicans are responsible for the vast majority of all drug trafficking. The millions of their citizens who are illegally here facilitate this drug trade.

    In 1941, the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, sank five battleships, and killed about 2,300 military personnel. In retaliation, we killed 2 million Japanese and dropped two atomic bombs on Japan. In 2007 dollars, those battleships were probably worth about $1 billion each. In economic terms, assume that the lives were worth $1 million each. This is a total economic loss of $7 billion. Mexican illegal aliens cost this country that much in less than a month. They further kill about 25 of our citizens per day.

    These killings are divided into 13 homicides and 12 drunk driving fatalities. Mexicans therefore kill over 9,000 Americans per year. From a casualty standpoint, this is four Pearl Harbors per year. Mexico costs us 16 Pearl Harbors per year economically, and four Pearl Harbors per year in casualties. Mexican illegal alien child molesters victimize an average of the eight American children each day. What is that worth? No wonder our living standard is dropping. It is time for action.

    America has 300 million people and does not need any more. Our country is rapidly being destroyed by an occupying army of Mexicans. This army has rendered millions of U.S. citizens jobless and caused overall wages to plummet. Mexico has a real weapon of mass destruction inside this country aided by a fifth column of illegal alien lovers. We can have decent Mexican restaurants in every city over 100,000 with no more than 2000 Mexican chefs. Americans can do the rest of the jobs.

    To solve the problem we must address the reasons why Mexicans leave home as well as what attracts them here. They do not want to come to this country. They are forced to flee here to escape the grinding poverty in Mexico. That country has proven itself incapable of self-government. We occupied Mexico City in 1848 and should have never left. We need to give Mexico a little tough love and straighten it out.

    If the government there doesn't like the necessary measures, it is time for some cruise missiles to visit the Mexican parliament. If that fails to get their attention, the next step is invasion and occupation. We can use some of the 5 million anchor babies for cannon fodder who are old enough.
    How to Send Them Home

    To get the Mexicans out of this country, we must eliminate the conditions that attract them here. The problem must be solved in the following stages:

    1. Jail U.S. employers who hire illegal aliens
    2. Seal the border with Mexico
    3. Stop ALL immigration
    4. Abolish all green cards and H1-B visas
    5. Deport all non-citizens to their countries of origin.

    Jobs in this country are the attractive nuisance that bring Mexican illegal aliens here. A bounty of $1,000 should be paid to anyone who reports an employer of an illegal alien. That employer should receive a minimum prison sentence of two years. Claims by the employer that the illegal alien's documents appeared genuine will not be accepted. An employer smart enough to make payroll knows whether the potential employee is a U.S. citizen or not. That is the purpose of a job interview. After the first few employers are hauled off in handcuffs in front of video cameras, no illegal alien will be able to find a job anywhere.

    The employment of illegal aliens is a vicious circle. When some employers hire them, other employers must do so to stay in business. Jailing all such employers will level the playing field so that no rogue employer will dare hire an illegal alien. While this will increase the prices of some things, the extra money will circulate in our economy instead of being sent to Mexico. This money will stimulate our economy and cause wages to rise more than the additional cost of a few items. When society does not have to subsidize illegal aliens, our taxes will go down and our standard of living will rise.

    In 2004, Chris Simcox patrolled with the Tombstone Militia on the Arizona border for illegal aliens. Within days of Bush talking about amnesty, all the Mexicans that he apprehended said that they had come to get their amnesty. A 2,000-mile fence will cost billions of dollars and damage the environment. It is not necessary. A "shoot to kill on sight" policy should be established for illegal border crossers. This should be done without regard to race, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion, national origin, or citizenship status.

    Not every illegal border crosser would have to be shot. After the closest Mexican consular officer collects the first carcass, word will spread instantly all over Mexico. Immigration would be halted within days. This is actually quite a humane policy. It would save the lives of the 400 Mexicans who die from thirst each summer while trying to cross the Arizona desert. This would be far more effective than putting out water cans.

    Only about 2,000 Border Patrol agents used as snipers would be required, one per mile. No additional agents would need to be hired since four shifts could be organized from existing agents. Huge numbers of agents would become available for reassignment. These extra agents can be used to form dragnets to rid the country of illegal aliens who are deep inside our borders.

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    i am afraid this has come out of fashion as of recent. see
    there is this "democracy" thing coming up now. and this
    rope dangling, well, they do that different now, these
    girly politicians. good to know that you are keeping up
    the great (publishing?) work. spreading how things
    should be done. clearcut. no bs. straight. dangling them.
  3. just jail the yankee employers for life, not just the front man, even the business owners who are "sub-contracting" to the front man "employer"...

    they are the guys who shld be shot, not the guys who take all the risks and are willing to get thru hell and back just to get into the US... not that they are any wise imo, but hey... perhaps mexico's even worse
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    Hear hear. Thank you for bringing this most important piece of writing to our attention. I have been aware of this Mexican problem for quite some time, and I have been working to affect solutions in what little ways I can. Why, just the other day, a filthy Mexican bus-boy perpetrated a Pearl Harbor on me. He spilled my water glass. He was fortunate I didn't have any cruise missles in my truck because that would have fixed him (*BOOM!!!* he he he). Man that would have been great. Instead I stood up and started yelling at him to swim back home until he started crying. I sure felt better, but it didn't make my jeans any dryer.

    I just couldn't agree more with the sentiment of this article. Every time I go to pick a piece of fruit off a tree or pick up a dirty dish, some stinking Mexican jumps out from under a sombrero and nabs it from me (I'm so hungry and my house is so clean!).

    I also happen to know that many of them are misceginating with our women folk, and polluting our gene pool. When I found out about this, I hit the roof. So, I mailed as many small-pox infected blankets to senior Mexican officials as I could. Don't call me a hero. I'm just doing my part.

    Praise Jesus