The Meteors Are Coming!

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    Or are these alien space craft probing earth's readyness in a prelude to an invasion? :D

    Cuba apparently experienced a phenomenon similar to but smaller than the meteorite that detonated over Russia this week, island media reported, with startled residents describing a bright light in the sky and a loud explosion that shook windows and walls.

    There were no reports of any injuries or damage such as those caused by the Russia meteorite, which sent out shockwaves that hurt some 1,200 people and shattered countless windows.

    In a video from a state TV newscast posted on the website CubaSi late Friday, unidentified residents of the central city of Rodas, near Cienfuegos, said the explosion was impressive.

    “On Tuesday we left home to fish around five in the afternoon, and around 8:00 we saw a light in the heavens and then a big ball of fire, bigger than the sun,” one local man said in the video.

    “My home shook completely,” said a woman. “I had never heard such a strange thing.”

    Marcos Rodriguez, whom the video identified as a specialist in anthropology, said all signs point to a meteorite.

    According to scientists, five to 10 smaller meteorites hit the planet each year. Larger events like the one over Russia are more rare, and some experts said it may have been the biggest such blast since another meteor hit Siberia in 1908.

    Also Friday, residents of the San Francisco Bay Area reported seeing a fireball in the sky that scientists said was likely a piece of space rock. Another meteor in the same area last October caused a loud sonic boom.

    In Cuba, a reporter on the video said a similar phenomenon was observed in 1994 elsewhere in Cienfuegos province.

    It said Cuban authorities were looking for any fragments that may have fallen to the earth.
  2. Its global warming
  3. Yep ... according to CNN and the other alarmists.... all these meteors are caused by global warming.
  4. Meteors in Russia... and Cuba. It's just proof that God hates Communists.
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    And San Francisco. Proof he hates liberals, too.
  6. link? You're full of shit as usual.
  7. You missed all the other links that were posted by multiple people. But wait... you stated that you NEVER read links or watch videos. Which means posting a link once again is simply an exercise in futility when it comes to educating you.

    Let's try it again...

    CNN Anchor to Bill Nye: Did Global Warming Cause the Asteroid That Will Soon Fly Past Earth?

    It took under 30 minutes for the media to blame global warming for the meteor explosion in Russia.
  8. lets' see.... I wonder if this guy assumes a pose of power, like leaning over our desk with his hands on it staring down at us sitting in our chair.. or maybe it's a faggy little backhand wave of the left hand as in "I've little time for such matters if they aren't true science..and gawd knows that the world of science revolves around yours truly!"
  9. Oh I saw that video. I thought you had some real proof of what you said.

    So the woman is trying to be cute and lobbing a joke question to Nye and in your fervent delusional righty imagination this means that CNN and the other "alarmists" is blaming the meteors on GW. Allllllllllrighty then. You just latched on the GW thing huh? And then warped it to match your psychotic imagination.

    And the explosion in Russia? Link? It was probably a similar stupid thing.

    This is the main problem with you delusional righties. You're simply dumb and have no critical thinking abilities.
  10. It's kinda funny when you think about fc, the C/H/A guy thinks he's a serious scientist.

    Just like my meter reader next door (nice lady btw) is a nuclear physicist.:D :D
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