The Messiah Speaks, The Market Rallies

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  1. Even as banks are failing all around the world.

    Welcome to Socialism folks.
  2. what rally? the market is signaling that it does not yet have faith that obama or anyone can fix this mess.
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    What market are you watching?
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    i don't understand how banks like citi can mess up so bad.

    was is intentional fraud by insiders to bankrupt the bank and steal bank assets.

    short and destroy.

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    another is bash and (buy)cover ...

    games they play in wall street.

  6. 4XQs


    I think the Obama effect is mainly shown in the strength of the dollar. Remember that the USD strengthened as Obama widened the gap to John McCain. So, the world markets might be thinking that if the US is gonna have a shot, it's with him at the helm. Not possible to prove, though.
  7. S&P500 DOWN 18% since election day.....OUCH! :eek:

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    run on foreign currencies into a perceived safe haven currency $US.
    gold up on suspicion towards all fiat currency.
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    market is ONLY money in - - money out
    nothing else.... no news no president no nothing.
    At the moment is only money out, and we will see this for longer time :))
    so US people, dont worry be happy
  10. going to chit chat

    can't talk about market direction or market action in the trading forum
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