The Mentor's Dilemma

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  1. I may have spreadsheeted this wrong, but I calculate that making 50 bucks a day per contract (typical for me) and starting with one NQ contract, I will be trading 492 million contracts a day and be worth one trillion dollars in 834 trading days. So why should I give anything away on ET? And I'm not even trading SCT!
  2. Hope you are being humorous. If you are serious, you need more help than Jack :D
  3. LOL ... :)
  4. Give it a fancy name, spice it up with 3 ring binders full of of psychology and your views on everything from the formation of the universe to nano technology, start a boot camp but keep the entry and exit nefariously bewildering, claim stops are for idiots and compete with Jack.

    ET needs a competing boot camp for balance plus mental health and I think you've obviously got the market and the world by the throat, just like Jedi Jack so please don't hold back... go for it.
  5. I would email your congressman and let him know that within two years, you'll be earning a trillion dollars a year, and can single handedly solve the current financial crisis.
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    because that rate of return is severely parabolic and we all know what happens next.....CRASH and burn....if you give us all some part of your fortune a few of us may be able to contribute a couple dollars back so you can start your empire all over again
  7. Thank you all for the advice. I will back off my profit expectations to only $20 a day. I had been trying to make more money only because ET always made fun of my blotters. Then in 834 trading days I will only be trading 2255 contracts and be worth a more modest $4.6M. Given such an NPV, maybe I could teach every ET member to trade it for maybe ten grand each and save myself all the wear and tear over the next four years? I mean, Ollie gets six grand to teach his. But I am afraid that when I give the class the lecture notes in 14 point font on one side of a 3X5 card they'll feel cheated.
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    Your approach is perfectly WRONG!

    Since you will be worth 1 trillion dollars the question is: Why SHOULDN'T you give away a little even if it is just information?

    After all, you certainly can afford it. :)
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    I guess the only problem with your method is that your small infested apartment is about to get foreclosed, and you with be forced to try to continue to post here form a Kinko's about all the money you are making, while you wait to be carted back to the institute of the criminally insane.

    However, this will not happen before you come back here with the new user name of "two face".

  10. Don't forget the llamas!
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