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  1. dear all,
    Here are some inefficiencies i have found: leaps against bimodal companies, buying SOME earnings 3 weeks in advance for free gamma, as well as buying cheap vol on companies that have upcoming problems.... my question is should i sell this off by opening a mentorship? I have just under 200K and can make 50% a year with a small account. Is it fullfilling to pon this off for a 5k mentorship course
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    If you can demonstrate a past track record of profitability with these strategies for the past year or so via brokerage statements or third-party verification, then I say there's nothing wrong with capitalizing on that. But if you can't, then from an ethical standpoint I would advise that you not sell it in any form to another person.

    There are too many people out there selling bullshit and doing things the wrong way so don't be one of them.
  3. I agree, the industry on selling garbage TA is out of hand, however it is very profitable (to sell mentorship) and to begin with, was the finance industry ever ethical?
  4. Sell it to one of the big boys ?

    Btw SillyWilly, a comment I made to you, upon rereading it, didn't sound like the joke I was making so I changed it. Just didn't want you to get the wrong idea. :D
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    Based on extensive experience trying to capitalize on a variety of forms of intellectual property, you will most likely sell not nearly as many mentorships as you hoped, the entire market will adapt to your insights so fast it will seem like time travel, and then you will not be making money in the market and also not be selling mentorships.
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    Keep trading, get filthy rich, buy a county, kick everyone out except for your private army, protect your family.
  7. he can become a signal provider on mql5, the most reliable site;

    mql5 will check and approve his record , then and only he will be allowed to provide a signal service.also his trading record past and future will be open for all for see.
    There is no need to disclose technique you get monthly subscription from those who copy his trades

    Mr Baron,sir, what do you think of this idea ?
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  8. If you’re going to sell something, you should probably do what everyone else does and sell something that doesn’t work. Then when they’re onto you, change your name and start selling something else. Don’t forget to have plenty of photos of jets, sports cars, and blondes. An occasional photo of you on a yacht will bring in additional dollars. I would also get some photos of an African big game hunt too. Make sure you show a photo of you at a desk with fifteen different screens with all kinds of technical indicators as you smoke a cigar and drink some bourbon.

    Sell your strategy for $27,000, but let them know if they act NOW they can get it for $11,999 plus a lifetime subscription to your newsletter! Heck I might even sign up myself!
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    I like Sweet Bobby post. This is being done a lot.
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    What happens when you inadvertently sell this to a 50 billion dollar Hedge fund and discover this works well and they start throwing big volume on it and six months later it stops working.
    Does your 50% a year end? And if it does, now what?
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