The Mental Game inside the Trading one

Discussion in 'Trading' started by bmwstox, Mar 17, 2002.

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    I've noticed as I sit at the comptuer and trade there are many things going through my mind. I'm holding several positions and watching many different things. You think to yourself "should I sell now" or "should I buy now" -- your heart begins to race....many ideas come to your mind. Then you make the trade...and if it goes your way, you feel good. If it doesn't you start rationalizing and wondering "what if I did this....or this..."

    I've read too many books and tried so many strategies. I feel it's best to keep things plain & simple. However it is exciting when you are in a trade, you realize what a small fish you are in a giant pond and somehow, someway you begin to feel the market and it gives you confidence until your next trade when everything starts over again.

    I realize we are in a complicated market, however it is this type of market which will decide who is a trader and who is not.

    - BMW/NYC :)