THE MELTUP and then the meltdown...

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    He does mention melt up and then mentions that its due to government driven and totally artificial.

    Says armageddon will come when government cannot finance their debt.

    Stock Markets Face 'Meltup': Strategist
    Published: Monday, 19 Oct 2009 | 4:13 AM ET
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    By: Antonia Oprita
    Associate Web Producer,

    Despite recent warnings that the rally may be over, stock markets face a "meltup" as institutional investors will now feel obliged to buy to deliver returns, Philippe Gijsels, senior equity strategist at Fortis, told CNBC Monday.


    Current DateTime: 05:11:52 19 Oct 2009

    A meltup is the opposite of meltdown, as investors feel forced to buy in the market so they wouldn't miss profit opportunities; but fundamentals don't justify this fervor, Gijsels said.

    "Now you have the feeling of 'get me in at any price,'" as opposed to 'get me out at any price', he explained.

    "You still have a lot of underbuying in the market," Gijsels told "Squawk Box" in London.

    Institutional investors such as fund managers have only two months until the end of the year and they must show performance, he pointed out.

    The rally is artificial and government-driven and "it's a dangerous situation" because fundamentals are weak, Gijsels added.

    "The government, in the new world we live in, will be a very important factor," he said.

    'Armageddon' will come when governments will say that they cannot finance their debt, according to Gijsels, and then investors will take refuge in gold.

    "If you don't want government paper anymore, where is all the money for safe haven going to go?" he said.
  2. TARP


    Currency devaluation

    Crude oil Peg



    Weak 2 party democracy

    Us govt. policies written for the lobbyists and a foreign govt. by the lobbyists and the foreign govt.

    ignorant and illiterate voters

    non-existent media. Media and national inquirer one and the same.

    Banks not foreclosing

    Federal Reserve Banks and Treasury

    smart individuals have a lot of cash on hand

    American products and assets cheaper

    USD hedging by foreign holders of USD.

    Prolonged war

    Stocks related to war

    USD devaluation


    Multinational Corporations


    Alleged crackdown on insider trading

    More unregulated derivative trading

    and last and most important:

    1/ Markets go up more often than they go down

    2/ Gains are exponential in the upside, gains are maximum 100% on the downside.