The Mel Mermelstein Affair and the Triumph of Historical Revisionism

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    The Mel Mermelstein Affair and the Triumph of Historical Revisionism

    Cutting through veritable mountains of misinformation and silence, this is the book that describes the little-known trial of Mel Mermelstein vs. the Institute for Historical Review and Liberty Lobby. Working from a six-foot pile of sworn depositions, court filings and trial records, the author confronts the most untouchable issue of our day, the so-called "Holocaust" of six million Jews by the Nazis.

    By Michael Collins Piper

    To my late father, T. M. Piper.
    A proud Marine, my father survived bloody combat in World War II, convinced he was fighting for his country. Many years later, as a result of his careful study of the works of revisionist historians, he came to realize that he was a survivor of a war that need not – and should not – have been fought. Along with his three brothers and a host of friends, my father marched off to war. He was one of the lucky ones who came home again, having fought to destroy what he then believed to be the perpetrators of what we now call "The Holocaust." In my final conversation with my father – just three hours before he died on July 21, 1990 – he and I discussed a recently revealed "detail" from the history of the Holocaust: the intriguing determination by the Polish authorities that contrary to everything we had been told by the "official" histories – four million people were not "gassed" at Auschwitz. In fact, the Polish authorities had finally decided, "only" some 1.5 million died there. Just a detail, of course, but one of many that, taken together, cast a grim light on "the facts" about "The Holocaust."

    To Dr. Marie Zittel.
    A proud German-American, "Aunt Marie" is one of the growing number of grass-roots revisionists across America and around the globe who are helping many others learn the real truth about the events of our past, the efforts of the Establishment truth-distorters notwithstanding. And to Willis and Elisabeth Carto. Without them, there simply would be no historical revisionist movement of any consequence in the world today. They have struggled – against sometimes incredible obstacles – to keep historical revisionism alive. And it is very much alive.

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