The Mel Gibson IPO

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  1. No , there's no IPO, but the dude is really off the deep end aint he?

    We always knew he was wired a little too tight, and his old man is clearly a Nazi, but then again, some of my best friends.......

    Is this the end of his career as we know it, or will you pay double to see his next movie?

    "Passion of a drunken guy who may have seen better days"
  2. pattersb

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    stick a fork in him ...
  3. yeah.... his last movie only grossed how much? and since he produced it... i think he might just be able to make a few more. so save your fork.
  4. bsmeter


    Umm, I like Mel. He says it like it is! ( not to mention his net worth is now close to 1 Billion usd!) :D
  5. What are the odds he becomes the next Pat Robertson/Jerry Falwell with his own TV show and starts selling out stadiums as he brings the word of the lord across the country?
  6. I hear he's buying England and expatriating all the natives to the interior of Australia. I am WILLIAM WALLACE!
  7. pattersb

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    only an oprah appearance could save him now ... and he would be required to cry, ... uncontrollably.
  8. Nah, he'll make a pilgrimage to Bergen Belsen.
  9. save what??????? he is worth hundreds of millions of dollars. he can do whatever he wants. he does not have to cower and beg for "work". you people cant be this stupid. hey... he might actually make some good movies now. so what if they arent mainstream box office smashes.... do we really need more american pies?
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    apparently you aren't familiar with the concept of one's personal reputation.
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