The meeting on capitol hill with the big 3 is the most pitiful thing i have ever seen

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  1. Pitiful.
  2. Its all baby boomers, what do you expect. total morons.
  3. baby boomers, of which i am the very tail end, are pretty much an asshole generation
  4. some great highlights

    "so you are paying workers 90% salary at dark plants that are not producing anything? doesn't that sound just a bit problematic to you"?

    Chris Dodd, " I do not find that problematic, I find that compassionate and caring about our workers"

    Oh man. The Baby Boomers took us up and now they are gonna take us down big time.
  5. my parents are boomer and my dad freely admits they blew it big time.

  6. As a generation, the boomers really are dishonest assholes that have destroyed this country with their "look good on the outside at all costs" mentality and then rapacious greed combined with a lack of any real morals.

    Incest, alcoholism, child beating, financial mismanagement - you name it, they hide it.
  7. know the old saying: "give a mouse a cracker...and he's gonna want a glass of milk too"

    They're "milking" the big 3 for all they're worth now as they know the "crackers" are not going to keep coming anymore. Might as well stuff your face and say "no concessions!" while you still can.
  8. in their defense, it's now a 'prisoners dillema' among corporations's_dilemma

    you can be the screwer, or the screwed

    thats why i was so strongly against ALL bailouts in the first place

    because once it gets started, there's no end to it, and each company asks itself 'where do we want to be, when the USA in bankrupt?'
  9. I am a boomer. These are my classmates. WTF happened to them? I do not recognize any of them.
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    Damn, I've been hanging with the wrong crowd. I'm (just barely) a boomer and I haven't got to do any of that stuff.
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