the medium is the massage

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  1. wonder if E*TRADE is providing free massages at the vegas expo like they did in NYC ? several of the massage girls were HOT....

    i can imagine don bright in line as we speak !

  2. Still can't beat what Gekko did for Bud Fox in Wall Street.

    Hot slut knocks on his front door, and takes him down to a waiting limo for some coke & a BJ.
  3. i'm a good guy to know.:p
  4. I'll PM you my home address. :D
  5. that was a great scene !

    surfer :)
  6. burnin


    only difference is gekko would do the blowing
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    Oh you wish!:p :p
  8. Had a feeling I was just setting myself up for a gay joke. Sorry, all my sluts need to be female and over 16 :)
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    Hey Reardon,
    Change that to 18.
  10. No typo. You can't expect normalcy from me... but at least you can expect blunt honesty. Kevin Spacey/ American beauty syndrome may be more common than you think.

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