The Media really is BS!

Discussion in 'Politics' started by NeoRio1, Oct 11, 2008.

  1. 90% of media outlets feverishly deny Obama's past associations. The same 90% feverishly accuse Palin of abusing power.
  2. 90% of the media is controlled by freaks.
  3. You'd like to think that a free press would be at least as interested in Obama's long relationship with Bill Ayers, Tony Rezko and Rev. Wright and what those relationships might say about him. Instead, they seem to see their duty as defending those associations and preventing any real examination of them.

    At the same time, they have devoted page after page to a non-story about a rogue state trooper who threatened the governor's family. It is amazing how adroitly the media can change sides. Normally they would be outraged about a cop who made threats, abused his job, used a taser on his own stepchild, then was clearly protected by a state police force with the typical us against them police attitude. When Gov. Palin canned an obviously arrogant and insubordinate police chief, somehow the story is that she abused her power. That is the lead in every newspaper, even though the investigator noted she was perfectly within her power to can him.

    This is reflective of the media-created storm over Bush firing a group of US Attorneys. Now the new AG has caved to pressure and appointed a special counsel because an investigation determined that "politics" was involved. News flash: politics is always involved in appointing US Attorneys. It is a patronage position. Clinton fired every one of them when he took office. No story there for the media, even though some of them were pursuing investigations of political corruption.
  4. The funny thing is that all the loser liberals that pretty much live on this forum never even touch controversial threads like this.
  5. City Living 101:
    If you encounter a nutcase while walking down the street, keep walking.
  6. I am not a "liberal" polarized in your understanding of the world... but a fair question to you - WHO ARE YOU?

    Are your views being a neo-conservative? Is your choice of username a reflection of this? (just wondering)
    Why do you call frequenters of this forum "liberal losers?" What basis are you claiming this from?
    Is your belief system "a towering success"?
  7. Who cares if my name is Neorio, my belief system is a towering success and that i called liberals losers. What the last two people that posted did was exactly what I was saying in the first place. What i was saying is that most iberals don't take a controversial issue straight on. If you have the ability to forget about your ADD for a second and read the topic of the thread than you might be able to offer something besides the complaining about my disrespect for crazies. I guess the last two people felt disrespected because they are crazies.

    Besides that little speal neither of you can give a straight forward answer as to whether you think the majority of the media has treated Obama and Palin with the same degree of critical judgment and investigation about past associations and actions.
  8. Its because most people and the media know both Mccain and Obama has /has had shady characters in their lives

    Obama got land at a discounted price from rezco and campaign contributions,Mccain went on paid vacations , free private jets and campaign contributions from keating

    Obama was on a board with ayers,but that same board was founded by Ronald Reagan's friend

    Obama is friends with a nutcase pastor,Mccain is friends with pastors that hates jews and homos