The Media is doing Hillary's bidding again

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    Am I living in the twilight zone? Did I travel back in time? From 2004 through 2008 the media was ranting and raving about how Hillary was a shoe in to win the Presidency in 2008. She was supposed to win every single primary contest in 2008. She was supposed to ride to a landslide victory in the general election. We all know that didn't happen. We currently have the media back in full spin mode for Hillary.

    How does this play out? We can state the obvious and try to fill in the unknowns.

    The obvious thing we know about Hillary is she had a rather undistinguished career in the US Senate. The list of accomplishments from her Senate career didn't get her in in 2008 it wont get her in now. Her 4 years at State were unproductive and are probably a net negative for her. Based on that, it is obvious Hillary can't get there on her own merits.

    Another obvious is that she will play the woman card over and over. The media will buy it and will artificially pump up her credentials on this issue even though we know she is an enemy to women's rights. We know that she has enabled her husband, a sexual predator, to sexually harass and to allegedly rape women. Hillary won't let a little rape to get in the way of her career goals. She is hardly a friend of women's rights.

    Another obvious is that Bill's coattails don't stretch far enough. They didn't work for her in 2008, they wont work now.

    The unknown is will Obama's coattails stretch far enough. She has a full court press on to ride Obama's coattails till the end. We all remember that bizarre 60 Minutes piece from a few months ago with her and Obama. Will it work? Time will tell.

    Another unknown is about her mental stability. We know she had a concussion recently. We also know from recent studies on NFL players that past concussions can cause erratic behavior later in life. We know that she already has some serious mental health issues. We all remember the bizarre incident in 2008 when she claimed that she visited the Balkans when she was First Lady and she barely made it out alive because she faced sniper fire. Of course when the incident was reviewed it was determined that she never faced any sniper fire. Hillary would later go on to say that she misremembered the event. Can we afford to have someone who lives in a fantasy world as President? That same person who lived in that world may have suffered brain damage from a concussion? Its too big of a risk.

    It may be the weekend for the “Final Four” in the NCAA basketball championship. But for political junkies out there, the “Sweet Sixteen” already has been whittled down to the two major party candidates in the 2016 presidential race: Hillary Rodham Clinton and Marco Rubio.

    That is, if you believe the chart concocted by the Washington Post the other day pitting 32 possible candidates among Republicans and Democrats who (in their dreams, at least) have a shot at the White House.

    More on that later. But former first lady, US Senator, and Secretary of State Clinton seemed to be all over the news this week.

    Among the headlines: “Be Afraid, GOP: Hillary Clinton Is Back and She Will Beat You in 2016” (The Daily Beast). “A viewer's guide to Hillary Clinton Fever” (Politico). “James Carville Joins Hillary Clinton Super PAC” (Huffington Post). “Hillary 2016 Supporters Are an Intrepid Bunch” (Slate).

    Even the nay-sayers kept Clinton’s name in the news. “Hillary Clinton, a mistake for 2016” (CNN). “Hopefully the Worst Column Anyone Will Write About Hillary Clinton During This Slow News Week” (Slate again).

    Part of the buzz no doubt is tied to the (not surprising) news that she has another book deal with Simon & Schuster – a memoir about her years in the Obama administration.

    Financial terms have not been disclosed, the Associated Press reports. Clinton reportedly received $8 million for her 2003 memoir, "Living History," also published by Simon & Schuster. This new book is untitled so far, but it’s scheduled to come out in June 2014 – right in the middle of the mid-term elections campaign.
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    That's an understatement.
  3. Hillary has won exactly one election in her life. She became the carpetbagger senator for NY, largely on a sympathy vote for what she had to endure to prop up her dirtbag husband through his serial scandals.

    She managed to lose the 2008 nomination to an unqualified amateur with a one page resume.

    By 2016, she will be in her late 60's. The Clinton administration will be a distant childhood memory, if that, for most voters.

    Her biggest problem however has nothing to do with age, her husband or even her service in the Obama administration. She is one of those people whom a significant percentage of voters just find remarkably unlikeable. In effect, she is the female democrat version of Newt Gingrich. For some reason, women seem to instinctively dislike Newt. Hillary produces the same response in an awful lot of men.

    All the media propaganda in the world, and it will be intense, cannot change that.
  4. For some reason???

    Really????:D :D :D
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    Pray tell why a woman like you wouldn't like Newt. :D