The meaning of risk. What does risk mean to you?

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    What does risk mean to you?
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    Reading an Amahrix thread?

    Time I can never get back. :(
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    You engaged half the night with me. Why you throwing me under the bus now? :p
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    Amahrix's Thread is the "Thread of the week"
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    OP i took you for a pro at one point.

    Then somewhere on the line, you started preaching about that single book in multiple topics, trying to prove, something to someone for no clear reason.

    We can't save the fools and pigs. We also can't change the fact, that pros knows, that it is anything but random.

    Couse & effect.
    Supply & demand.
    Returns day by day, hourly & minute by minute.

    Charts is the mirror.

    Moving in cycles ,that can be broken by fundamental changes.

    The risk ?

    The moment when i think that i got it. I know it all.


    Extremelly risky...

    Take care Ath.
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  6. One half of an inseparable pair - risk/reward - that is ultimately represented by time and the quality of how I spend it. Trading has brought me a visceral realization of the connection between taking the proper amount of risk to achieve a specific reward; I look forward to learning how to improve that ratio for the rest of my life.
  7. Risk is the possibility of losing something of value. Another question, how do others reduce risk?
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  8. deaddog


    Risk = the amount of money I can lose on a trade.
    Am I willing to risk $1 to possibly make $1

    Nope I need to possibly make 2 or more.
  9. Times


    "Risk comes from not knowing what you're doing." - Warren Buffett

    I completely agree with Mr. Buffett.

    Lots of people think the risk is your planned risk to reward ratio, but if you planned to lose it, that wasn't much of a risk.

    The real risk in trading are those loses that weren't planned, and those come from not knowing what you're doing.
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    In trading you plan for loses and know how to handle them. Even Buffet has losses and he cuts them. Remember Buffets rule #1 "Don't lose money"
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