The Meaning of Life

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    Is less about figuring out what you want than discovering what you were meant to be.

  2. thing is, you weren't even meant to be bud... might as well spend the little time u got left to figure out whatcha want... just me opinion 'f course...
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    I agree.
  4. that there is no meaning.
  5. Woody Allen said: You're food and the world is a great big grocery store.
  6. The Meaning of Life

    You can't discuss "meaning" unless you find out for yourself of how and why you got here and ... where you're going to.
  7. Cheese


    The Meaning of Life .. is that your life IS the meaning.
    You get one shot .. and its yours for as long as it lasts.
  8. funny somehow this thread title reminded me of Memento...

    "The film explores themes of memory, identity, time, revenge, reality and deception, including self-deception. It also examines grief and the role of memory in recovering from a loss."
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