The McCain Campaign may not want you to see this

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  1. The McCain Campaign may not want you to see this

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  2. I think Rob is a bouncer but Jonathan is ok...actually so what if they are paid...every day in the paper and on craigslist is an ad to work for Obama doing the same thing and they have far more money..:cool:
  3. True, it doesn't matter.

    The message of the video seems to be that if the McCain campaign is overflowing with "volunteers" as they claim, why is everyone being paid.
  4. what I'm wondering is how many paid volunteers will vote McCain:D
  5. :) Now THAT would be an interesting question to ask!

    Would have been very funny, too!
  6. the "real" money to be made in the toss up states is selling stuff to all the people waiting to get into the ad said you could make $100-300 based on keeping 20%of profits. Having stood in line and bought up pins etc I believe it! At least for Obama here in Colo the lines are long to get tickets to see him and today at civic center 25K people lined up great for the young entrepreneur:)
  7. funny that is a really hispanic and not particularly affluent part of town. they are going to have to walk pretty far from there to find republicans.

  8. Lol, Obama'a economic stimulus........"the economy is screwed, but growth in street vendors and hawker's profits will turn it around":D
  9. doesn't that prove he all for the small businessman? :D
  10. at least they expected 25K instead got 100K...hummm those vendors cleaned up...Obama's campaign alone may rescue the economy:p
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