The Matrix - The Ultimate video seminar!

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  1. What is the core of a trader’s success? Do you believe it is the trading systems, knowledge of the markets, the high priced seminars and chatrooms or the setup on your monitors? Yes – it might have some influence on your results. But after years of struggling and losing $$ to the markets, you will find no real answer to your problems nowhere but within your own mind. The answer and solution is there – in the deep of your subconsciousness.

    So – the most usefull video seminar ever made on trading, is actually the movie The Matrix and costs $18.74 at Amazon! :) What you have to do is no more or no less than what Neo goes through during that film – acknowledge to your self that you KNOW you can make it. Believing is not enough – you have to be sure – you have to know it, live it and act accordingly. Is it easy? Hell no. It’s probably the most difficult thing in the whole world to do. All the rest is piece of cake - the TA and stuff. Don’t we all know when the market’s likely to turn? Don’t we all know our own comments to ourselves and to our trading pals after in hindsight – all the would’ve, should’ve, could’ve stuff?

    Therefore – if you haven’t yet been contemplating over the main theme throughout this movie – go do this investment of $18.74 – and make a big leap closer to your ultimate goal – becoming an elite trader!
  2. So if I go out right now, I will be able to dodge bullets, jump off of tall buildings, download a new karate program to my brain and scalp a few points here and there?

    I am still looking at this spoon and the damn thing has yet to bend.
  3. We had another trader on here for awhile who worshipped The Matrix. He seems to have disappeared into the void.
  4. Are you referring to Captain Future? He actually wound up becoming too profitable to continue posting on ET.

  5. Really?
  6. Hmmm, do I take the Red Pill or the Blue Pill???

    Actually, I've also aways thought the Maxtrix provided a good analogy to the process traders go through in order to become successful. "You can't be told what the matrix is. You have to find out for yourself." You can read all you want about how to trade, you can go to all the seminars and you can spend countless hours here at ET reading all the threads, but eventually you have to find out how the trading game works for yourself in the real market.
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  8. totally agree with you. the matrix was (is) a great film and metaphoric analogy. dr. van tharp speaks about the matrix in his trading seminars.

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  10. Yup, you just need to believe.. :)D )
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