The Matrix Series: SuperMicro SMCI

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  1. Im my quest to short the market, I might just long a few ones too.

    I found this stock that appeared today on the top gainers list. Apparently its breaking out right now and I went long about 1700 shares, not too much. Just a pilot buy.

    Apparently it has been basing for the last month. It got stuck in a different matrix apparently and now we are pulling it out.

    The target price should be 13 as the price jumps over that oh so nice cup.

    Everything seems so right with this stock. Price breaking out over the cup, the analyst is on board with us and he says it will go to 14, my calculations put it at over 13. Even the fundies that some of you guys really believe look so gooddddd..

    Lets take Supermicro out of the matrix today as its price has been depressed far too long.
  2. What happened to your AAPL, Goog, Rimm, and Ma short michael? Hmmmmmmmmmm? At least admit when your wrong instead of being a putz.
  3. I can tell your not only an amateur, but a child. Even if your 40 years old, your a 40 year old child and why do I say that? An adult would simply throw me on ignore and not have anything to do with me if he didnt like me. You, on the other hand, choose to follow me around throwing things in my face.

    Second, when I, or anyone else here, mentions something then your expectation is that it happen immediately. Nothing happens immediately and the market doesnt work in that manner. I have confidence in what I say and it will get there in time.

    For example, FTEK. I had originally mentioned it at around 24 and it made a curious circular route but now is at 29. I feel it can go higher. The moral of the story is that it went down and up before it made it to its point in time.

    In the event I am wrong, then you shouldnt worry. Simply put, no one is that good. You as a professional, if you are a professional, should look at the data posted and you can agree or disagree with the information that is presented. You should know that everyone is not always right. However, I do feel confident that a breakdown is ahead for the indexes. Today indicates to me that there is a little softening ahead.

    This is not a site for amateurs or children, but for professionals who have experience in the game. If you feel you must chase people around a messageboard and hijack threads then there is always the yahoo messageboard.

    Now I ask you kindly to leave this thread and let it remain on topic. No one likes a messageboard terrorist.
  4. There is a great blog on SuperMicro here:

    For the last month, SuperMicro has been basing. There was a press release today about Google acquiring a company that seems like its in the same business. This will contribute to SuperMicro's business going forward as rumors of buyouts continue to flow.

    Here is an updated chart. It appears that the stock jumped over 11.35 which should act as the new floor. In fact, the stock did close over the floor.

    The company itself has great fundamentals. It has been profitable every year since 1993. Think about that. Through the tech crash, a recession, 9/11, etc. it has been profitable. No loss.

    Supermicro did have a rocky start and the two reasons why can be summed up by two words : NTAP and RACK. Both those companies had some bad news which sunk their stocks considerably. When two well known companies in your sector perform poorly, then you know it cant bode well for other similiar companies.

    However, SMCI has a much better management structure then the likes of RACK. As I said, since 1993, through all the ups and downs, it has been profitable every year.

    My target right now is 13 dollars which is the analyst's target. 11.35-9.74=1.61+11.35= 12.96. I will re-evaluate when we get there.
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  5. This started to chop shortly after the rise some days ago when I first started posting. That was disappointing, but there was sudden surge today on no news.

    Actually, there is news, we just dont know about it yet where as some hedge fund probably knows more. I am still bullish on the stock however.

    I believe we will move higher and then I can move some money out of here and jump on more of Cramer's "Speculative Friday's". Hehe