The Matrix Series: HANS about to move

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  1. I took a critical look at HANS. It hasnt moved anywhere in sometime with both price and volume contracting. This contraction usually leads to expansion at some point.

    I drew a complex chart with multiple trend lines to determine how much overhead resistance there could be and it is considerable. This chart clearly demonstrates the concept of overhead resistance and this explains why HANS seems to be stuck. However, there is also the main trend line which acts as the backstop. So the price is right now stuck between the spine and the overhead resistance. A rock and a hard place.

    We do have what we call a reverse head and shoulders on the chart.

    The price cannot stay flat much longer as it will move through one of trend lines causing a volatility event.

    My conclusion is that HANS is about to move in the next 30 days. If it breaks down below the spine, then a good shorting opportunity will present itself because there is no resistance for a while.

    However, if it breaks upward then I forecast a target of 68 dollars.

    A break north of 51 will be a guarantee that we hit 68. A break south of the spine means that we fold the flag over Hansens.

    This does look like a bearish wedge to me. Ever since the 45 million volume selloff in August of 2006, volume never was the same again.


    1) A move up over 42 means it will probably get to 50. Once at 50 it might turn around or bust through.


    2) A volatility event is brewing behind the scenes that we are unaware which could bust the stock higher then 50 or below the spine

    A bust over 50 is a gurantee to 66 points. A bust down is a perfect short. An intermediate move over 42 is a guarantee to at least 50.

    Somehow Im leaning towards a bust down just because of the bearish wedge. Hmmmm....
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    If it does break below 42 how much lower will it go? Do you have any targets?

    I also noticed that you keep ignoring the GOOG, MA, RIMM, and AAPL short thread.

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  5. It is now time to short HANS. The spine has been broken. I do not have a target for where it will go down to. There is no clear support from here.