The Matrix Reloaded

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  1. Who has seen it? Is it any good? As good as the first?
  2. Everyone I've talked to said that it's better than the first film and that Morpheus is a fat slob now:-D
  3. My son saw it last night. He said he thought the first one was the better movie, but the effects in the new one were better than in the original. Not surprising.

    I have my tickets for Saturday.

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    Going to see it tomorrow.

    nitro :cool:
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    WOW, I was lucky to get tickets as all seats were sold out for the Wednesday 10PM show.....didn't think there were so many Matrix fans here in West Hawaii, but maybe it has to do with Keanu Reeves being from Hawaii....I gotta see it again - great effects, deep story.....:) :) :) But then again, I'm a Matrix fan...

    For some insight, see:

    under Breaking news, production notes under April 30, 2003 -
    I would post them, but they suggest you see the movie first
    before reading the articles, and I would not want to spoil it for
    those who would not want to read the notes before seeing the
    movie....:D :D
  6. Wait until the very end before you leave the theatre. That means watch all the credits down to the very last one.
  7. Is Neo going to pull a Ferris Bueller on us?
  8. Mr. Error/Mr. RS, your son's assessment was quite accurate. Reloaded IS effects-laden, but after so many slow-mos, spinning kicks, and frozen crane-stance shots, it gets to be rather numbing.

    I would give the first Matrix almost a 10 out of 10, and this one a 7.
  9. 7 is too high IMHO.

    Man, what a disappointment.:(
  10. I aint seen it yet... any hot bitch actresses on it, which would make it worth watching?
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