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    Is anybody else digging the live coverage of Amen Corner on the Masters web site? O.K., so maybe I am a golf geek, but I actually got chills watching Arnie's honorary start.
  2. I'm picking Davis Love this year to win the Masters. Just got a feeling. I hope Sluman makes a good showing, but that's just a sentimental choice as I've met the guy and he was very down to earth. My wife used to work with his when she(Slumans wife) was at the University Of Chicago Hospitals..
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    Not a big fan of Love III myself (or anything out of UNC for that matter). NC State boy Tim Clark did well today. In the clubhouse at -1, but I really don't think he has the game to win at Augusta. Sentimental favorites Stadler and Fuzzy doing pretty good as well and I would really like to see Freddy make a run. No real favorites for me, I'd just like to see someone battling Tiger on Sunday.
  4. Tried to access Amen corner this morning from Canada and got a message saying 'This service not available in you area'!! Driving Range was available, though.

    I am going to try to log on to 'Master Extra' tomorrow and if I can't get it I am going to be seriously pissed.

    I booked off the weekend to watch so I guess I'm a golf geek too.
  5. I threw down a BenJ on Henrik Stenson at 35/1 just for a punt.
  6. I like that bet. That guy can flat out play. At the end of the year, I think you 'll see Tiger, Veej, and then all Europeans/Aussies in the top ten. The US Open is stuck so bad in Phil's craw he can't swallow to this day.
  7. I'm on Els.

    If I'd waited until tonight I'd be getting 80-1.

    Not often that a Masters bet is toast after the 2nd hole on the first round. :mad:
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    Having a lot of fun viewing the masters on the internet, before its on the real tv, lol.

    Im getting old, so most of my favorites, arent really consider contenders, but im still a golf nut.

    Got to go to Augusta in 2003. Fulfilled, on of my lifetime dreams. For those of you who love golf, and havent been, the feeling you get from being there is unbelievable. Definitely worth the cost.

    2 of the biggest things I noticed:

    Most of the fairways are huge. It is no wonder all the players love to come there, especially from 40 or 50 years ago. I have never seen such wide fairways. You could land an airplane on 15, LOL

    And it is really hilly. I have watched it on tv, since the mid 70s, and I had heard them talk about the hills, but never really noticed it much, until I went there. The elevation changes are from 10 to 200 feet throughout the course. From the bottom of number 9, in the fairway, to the green, is about a 75 foot rise.

    Hope someone can give tiger some competition.

    Enjoy the weekend
  9. That was a pretty good bet for a flier. Stenson's the real deal.

    So... Tiger in the final group!! Who would have guessed it when he walked off down by 4 and 5 or 6 guys in between him and the leader? Appleby did not want to spot Tiger those three shots, guaranteed.

    Feel bad for Vaughan Taylor... seems like he may have seen a leader board, or maybe someone in the crowd told him he was leading the masters standing on 16 tee on day 3. Bogey-bogey-bogey finish and he was hanging his head for all three holes.
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    If I'm not mistaken 2003 is the year I went to my one and only Masters practice round. Watched Tiger put a shot in the water short of a green.
    Thought to myself "Hell, I could have done that".

    It is a course worth seeing though for anyone who enjoys golf that hasn't been there.
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