The Master Key System !

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  1. i love this book it was written back in 1912 by him he is the foundation of ALL of the self help guru's and books written since then. it was the foundation of the movie "the secret" this book snd system has changed my life. i have several origanal book's of his. THE BEST BOOK ON CD I HAVE FOUND IS (THE MASTER KEY SYSTEM READ BY JAMES BOLES UPDATED FOR THE 21CENTURY) AT BARNES AND NOBEL FOR 39.00 US DOLLERS AND ON EBAY FOR AROUND 20.00 I BUY A BUNCH OF THEM AND GIVE THEM OUT TO PEOPLE. PS THIS BOOK WILL BRING YOU TO A RELM YOU NEVER THOUGHT OF....... ANY FEEDBACK ABOUT THIS BOOK ???????
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    Maybe in the updated version Livermore has come back from the grave to tell you what the secret key actually is.

    Ooops, wrong book, wrong author. :D