" The Master Key System" Charles F Haanel

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  1. hello guys, the book "THE MASTER KEY SYSTEM" BY CHARLES F HAANEL, really has helped me so mutch in life and with my trading i wanted to share with you all... this is the book that staretd " THE SECRET". rumor is bill gates read the book and left harvard to state microsoft and the rest is history. any other fans of haanels out there?
  2. Wow.... sounds like complete bullshit!
  3. I was wrong, it's not complete bullshit. It may or may not be <i>mostly</i> bullshit, but it's at least <i>some</i> bullshit. It's title itself is bullshit and reeks of charlatanism. Come on, "the master key", as if there is some master key that will "unlock your true potential, and make you the true master of your fate, and blah blah blah..." just like all self-help type of crap peddled by snake oil people.

    In the search for wisdom, you will probably agree, you end up sorting through a lot of such crap. The foreword and introduction are more of the same. But the very first sentence of chapter one is actually wise: "much gathers more... and loss leads to greater loss". That's a very good thought right there, proving that the book is less than 100% bullshit.
  4. so i guess that is what you are going to attract to yourself more of the same :D :D
  5. modern day gnosticism.
  6. Actually it reminds me of when I read Jack Hershey's incoherent ramblings on ET.
  7. So far the only good thing I've found (skimming it on google) was that first sentence, and it's too annoying to continue reading... I hope I'm not missing the secret of the universe here. Oh well.
  8. "The universe" so-called, is a product of faith. Every mountain, every molehill. And it is maintained by faith. Such books are more about the maintainance of an ancient faith, rather than a reversal. Manipulation rather than emancipation.

  9. And it's written to sound all mystical and shit.
  10. Last time I heard of something called "The Master Key", it turned out to be...um... an unfulfilled promise. I suspect that THIS 'master key' is similar in that regard.
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