The markets have a plan, but........

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  1. "The markets have a plan, but............."

    My view of the markets is that every move have its own plan, nothing happens random.

    Lets take this as an fact.

    Now, if you know a little bit of this plan, you can create a trading setup.

    You say, i know price should go to at least this price here, within this time window, otherwhise something is wrong.

    But although most of the times this really happens, there are sometimes, when the price stops, for example on a high, before your expected minimum target price.
    Good if you know how to see that it stops, then there is no problem.

    But the evil thing of the animal is that the future is always still unpredictable.

    I dont know what will happen, nobody does.

    I , we ,only can identify the things that were and are.

    This is a bit of a problem and one of the reasons why i hate trading.

    For example:
    You are entering in a new trade, and it startes to move correctly, but then it stops before your minimum target and you say to yourself, god damn, not again - i must close the trade and take the profit. God damn, i only want a straight move trade, whats going on, i did everything correct. Well it happens sometimes, you know that, take a look into your statistics, you are just trading your statistics, the next trade will blow over the minimum target, that will be a hell of a ride.

    Anybody knows what i mean?

    :mad: :mad: :mad:
  2. But so should you. Just follow the plan man!!:)
  3. Yes Sir, i will, i promise.

    Do you know this ego thing. If you want to be better than the plan, but you know it isnt possible.

    thats what traders gets killed. the ego.
  4. I must explain, the thought of this thread toppic, is:

    that if i take one of my setups, they are all perfect in the rules and in the historical statistics - as well at the begin of the real time setup start.

    But with every drop of new time coming into now, while future is changing into present, they are seeming to be so unsafe.

    Why isnt it possible to predict the future exactly, without any doubt?
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  5. ammo


    if predicting was that easy there would be no market to trade
  6. Yes, but the question is not if its easy or not.
    The question is if its makable, if its possible.

    When talking about different markets, the ones with the most liquid price move = most volume markets, without trading time breaks during the day - this are the ones which predictions are makable easier then in the other markets, where you have gaps all the time and price ticks in just once a while.
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    its possible that the printing machine solution has reached it's apex, is beginning to come apart at the seams ,it might have worked if employment and spending had resumed
  8. Perhaps, if your current plan/strategy is a plan/strategy that you cannot execute/follow with a mechanical/easy way/manner, probably you don't really have a Final plan/strategy yet. Sometimes even a long way to go.

    Just a thought!
  9. huh:confused:
  10. No.

    I just had some philosophily thoughts about future changing into present.:p
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