The Markets and Mental Illness

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by profitseer, Nov 12, 2002.

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    It's just a saying. Like if you came to my house and asked for a drink of water, and I got it for you, I would be "at your service".

    Do you go to all the casinos? Do you have a favorite?
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    Q is just the village idiot.:D
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  3. It certainly is and that is the best way to describe it - maybe the market needs some Zoloft?
    #13     Nov 14, 2002
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    If I am the vilage idiot, you must be the town...oh, never mind.
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  5. That's the thing, the market is trying to shakeout the last of the bubble zealots who still think we are going back to 100 point days when good news comes out.

    Typical bottoms after a severe bear market just trade erratically, giving you abolutely no clue at it's intended direction. The fast money chases it up, and then the market takes it away from them by driving it down, and then it sucks the perma-bulls in to take their money away when it rallies. At some point only the smart money will be in play, and that's when we finally get a substained NORMAL bull market, 10 - 12% a year.

    It's not mentally ill, it's just trying to chase the mentally ill out.
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