The Markets and Mental Illness

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by profitseer, Nov 12, 2002.

  1. So, isn't the market sort of mentally ill? It thinks it is going up to the moon with no setbacks, then it thinks it has sunk so low it will never recover, and then it just gets in a funk where it can't get motivated to do anything.

    Aren't the analysts sort of like psychoanalysts? Always telling the market what's wrong and what it needs to do to get healthy?

    And then you have the support groups (chat rooms) for the markets family members who are struggling to deal with it's mental unstability.
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    You make a very good analogy. The markets are indeed like a pajama party.
  3. I was thinking more like a poker party. And the market is the mark. He's had too much to drink and he has a lot of emotional hang ups. There's no end to his tells, he overplays every hand, and can be easily bluffed.
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    Poker Party? Pajama Party? Maybe traders need to get out of their homes more...
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    Oh no, sir. You are invited to a pajama party, just like being invited to the market. You sit around and talk, sometimes gossip, just like stock market traders. The similarities are there alrifgt.
  6. it's a bit of a manic-depressive, yeah...

    and the analysts don't tell it what it should be doing, they try and tell us what it is doing..
  7. uh yeah, we are the market, anyway, it's like being the shrink and trading on inside information you get from your patient. The idea being that if you realize the market is mentally ill, you don't expect it to act rationally, and you can take advantage of it's manic depressive skitzoid paranormal annoy eums.

    The more mental illnesses they discover the more ways you can scheme to beat the market.

    (that 90/10 split has got to be accurate, I'm almost more sure of it everyday around here)
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    The market is ALWAYS right!!!!!:cool:
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  10. alas no...

    I'm curious Q, what kind of service do you provide?
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