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  1. I am pretty confident that most of you have read Schwager's two seminal and classic works on trader interviews, Market Wizards and New Market Wizards...

    Please discuss which, if any, of the following characters have had a profound effect on your trading and/or motivation...

    Market Wizards:

    1) Michael Marcus
    2) Bruce Kovner
    3) Richard Dennis
    4) Paul Tudor Jones
    5) Gary Bielfeldt
    6) Ed Seykota
    7) Larry Hite
    8) Michael Steinhardt
    9) William O'Neil
    10) David Ryan
    11) Marty Schwartz
    12) James B Rogers
    13) Mark Weinstein
    14) Brian Gelber
    15) Tom Baldwin
    16) Tony Saliba
    17) Dr Van K Tharp

    New Market Wizards:

    18) Bill Lipschutz
    19) Randy McKay
    20) William Eckhardt
    21) Monroe Trout
    22) Al Weiss
    23) Stanley Druckenmiller
    24) Gil Blake
    25) Victor Sperando
    26) Tom Basso
    27) Linda Bradford Raschke
    28) Mark Ritchie
    29) Blair Hull
    30) Jeff Yass
    31) Charles Faulkner
    32) Robert Krausz
  2. 6) Ed Seykota

    He really seems to get down to the heart and soul of any endeavor.

    It takes focus, it takes believing in the idea of abundance, it takes almost intuition and faith.

    I find Seykota to be almost a yogi of trading.

    He really sunk in the idea for me a while back that I am not going to see all the possibilities if I am preoccupied already trying to examine a specific outcome.

    So true to life.

    Not sure what hes up to now though, last I heard he started running a cult???
  3. Although I now disagree with him on philosophical matters, Sperandeo had a big impact on me, especially as I read both his books (not just the Wizards interview); I really liked his approach to the markets and he came across to me as just an all around great guy. Definitely someone I'd love to have dinner or a beer with and have a chat.

    Another that's had a big impact on me after reading Wizards (though not from reading it) is Jim Rogers.

    I love Michael Marcus's "come from behind" story the most -- although many have good ones -- and I was most impressed by Marc Weinstein's record.

    Is there anyone who didn't find Tom Baldwin to be a total jerkoff?

    In the 2nd book, I think Bill Eckhardt's interview is far and away the most informative.
  4. Over 90% profitable. Amazing. I patterned my trading after his and improved markedly.

    He trades pullbacks or fades overdone markets (I just trade pullbacks). I only ave around 50% winners, but trading pullbacks has greatly improved my risk/reward (always 1/2 min).

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    Ed Seykota the most interest to me as far as his mind and the way he viewed the market. Love his responses to the questions asked of him.

    Also liked Bruce Kovner.

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    Linda Ratchke and Victor Sperandeo hit the right tone with me.
  7. I would have to say "Waxie", Michael Parness

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    What I found was that it is easy to confuse brains with a bull market.

    Now, if he was to follow up with interviews on what these "Wizards" have done since April 2000...(other than running web sites!)...well, that would be a heck of a lot more interesting.
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    lindq, that would indeed be most interesting.
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