The market will not go down until...

Discussion in 'Trading' started by YMsystemtrader, Feb 13, 2007.

  1. the carry trades start to unwind. its that simple!

    theres too much money floating around and until the USDJPY starts to really fall, the market will make new highs each and every month

    last may the fall was started after the yen had rallied. not too hard to put together
  2. I love 100% up room to go with ZERO risk$$$
  3. Do you just have your canned statement on your clipboard and go through all the threads and hit paste? You must be trying to have the highest number of posts on ET.

    To the main subject of this thread, I agree 100%. This bull run is a melt up from all the freaking liquidity out in the world. Once money gets more expensive to borrow we will start to get some volatility.

  4. only person on ET that has been long since 4 years ago..... take it to the bank baby $$

    check the dates on the posts.....

  5. Nail on the head.

    This rally has nothing to do with fundamentals or earnings, its got to do liquidity.

    Until the carry trades start to unwind, shorts will be raped every time they try to trade the reactions.
  6. We're going to 1670 before we ever get to 1300. It sounds crazy now, but just watch. The bull market will be over at 1760.

    As long as we can go short Yen/long USD for a profit and put the USD in long ES overnight leveraged and make 30% a year in the process (with zero volatility, just look at the charts) it's paradise :D

  8. Bears are getting raped again. :D

    Its obvious that Bernanke wasnt going to say anything stupid to upset the market, at least not before the elections.