the Market will get an Uppercut today

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by NY_HOOD, Aug 26, 2008.

  1. yesterday it recieved a left hook to the body which will set it up for an uppercut to the jaw today. the ref won't stop the fight but the market will be about to hit the mat. it will be another 10-8 round for the bears.
  2. bespoke


    a tiger uppercut, or more like a shoryuken?
  3. But which one? Ken or Ryu :)

  4. PaulRon


    hahahahah aweseome
  5. bespoke


  6. i'm ready and focused. the market cannot beat me,i am too intuitive and hands are like lightening and my mind is always thinking.
  7. How can you be reactionary? Two days in a row now you are PREDICTING what the market will do before we even open


  8. LOL.. I won a SF2 competition in 1992, even beat an Asian guy in the final.. Still the greatest day of my life :) (not what I tell the wife obviously)

  9. bespoke


    lol, nice
  10. Arnie


    Like this? (Mr Market on the right)

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