the market probably rises tomorrow!

Discussion in 'Trading' started by BlueStreek, Aug 7, 2007.

  1. My analysis, if any wording taken out regarding inflation the market will be up 100 plus points.

    I wouldn`t even be surprised if it starts taking off, even before the Entire Statement is read!

    The one possible negative would be if he added something about the state of the economy that spooks investors, but even then, that would probably be a secondary reaction, i.e., take a day of digestion for people to think over.

    He usually goes out of his way to reassure markets, see his last 6 speeches, so unless the dollar starts getting hit, b/c the world thinks he`s a "puppet for WS and the govt." and too soft on inflation, the market should have a heavily green buying day, maybe even a 150 point day.

    After that I think there will be plenty of sellers into that rally, and two months from now we will be under dow 13,000, but the trade tomorrow looks to be green, based upon his previous speeches, and the market`s reaction. The Bulls are just looking for any excuse to go long tomorrow, if only for a short term trade!
  2. Beast84


    Oh My God, Market will go up by 100 pts you say?
    Let me run out and long some DIA.

    Just shut up and trade Bluestreak. Nobody cares about how low or high the market will be the next day as long as it goes in some direction and its volatile.

    Stop trying to predict directions.
  3. For the experts out there...

    On days like this how do you know when to enter the market right before announement ? Do you monitor the futures and at the first hint movement take the same direction ?

    ideas ? Novice trade here.
  4. be careful ... quite often there is a "fakeout" move
    as the news of the FED comes out
    and sometimes the following day a reversal of the
    POST FED end of day move
  5. I guess is better to sit it our until about 3 pm (when bond market closes) to see the reasl move ... ?
  6. good post, now i'll know to do the opposite ;)