The market is smoking crack

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    do people really think because of the rate cut and bear bailout, that the market is fine? whats with all these large positive days. people are crazy and stupid, but i guess thats why people can make money in the market. If everyone was logical it would be a tough grind to make cash, so i guess thanks to all the morons.
  2. it's the moon mate... the moon
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    I like this crack :)
  4. The market is giving you an opportunity to sell at higher and higer prices and, if your bearish, you'll be happy to avg up until the bottom falls out right?

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    Don't forget TIF came in above estimates.

    TIF came in above estimates probably through weak dollar effect on 40% revenues from overseas. Actually a big decline in earnings but it 'beat estimates' if you treat a normal inventory writedown as an extraordinary. Yeah right. Also their higher guidance probably comes mostly from changing the way they value their inventory from the more conservative LIFO to the more aggressive Average cost method. i.e. change in accounting convention profits.

    I mean what aload of BS that beating of estimates and raised guidance was but the market is lapping it up. Doesn't anyone do any analysis anymore of do they just read the company press releases?

    Probably needed to pull an accounting trick with 100,000 Wall Streeters expected to lose their jobs. China acting to slow it's economy and Oil and Gold declining and with it Oil wealth. My guess is their optimistic guidance will be shown to be just that.
  6. mokwit


    Home sales went up because prices came down -
    "the largest year-over-year drop on records that go back to 1999".

    The National Association of Realtors said that sales of existing homes rose by 2.9 percent in February to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 5.03 million units. It was the biggest increase in a year and caught economists by surprise. They had been expecting a small decline.

    The trade group reported that the median existing sales price in February fell to $195,900. That was the largest year-over-year drop on records that go back to 1999.

    Lawrence Yun, chief economist for the Realtors, said that prices in some formerly hot markets in California and Florida were seeing significant price declines now as sellers try to attract buyers.
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    wow, now the market is really smoking it... since when is a $12 billion loss good? and calm kills earnings and it gets crushed. am i confused or backwards? aren't companies supposed to earn money for them to be good?

  8. be patient. this is a bear market 'dip' to buy (puts).
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    Quiet possibly we can see a repeat of 2001.

    Bottom in March go up for a while and ....
  10. When the market did act with crazy (bullish) behavior since last August (and late Feb-Mar '07) I many, many times scratched my head at the perma-bull mentalities that spurted the market higher - despite price and volume action dictating a correction was evident.

    Now that the market has finally been allowed to pull back and base for a while, it rightly will forge ahead with volume and fundamentals to support leading stocks.

    Of course now the 90% that felt the market HAD to just go up all those past months, have now finally bought into the "why's" of what the market pulled back for in the first place.

    Oddly, now that they are finally fully bearish - they can't see a market to now move ahead. Classic.

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