The Market is its own leading indicator

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  1. The Market is its own leading indicator

    Very profound insight.
    As long as you know how to squeeze money out of the market with your indicator.
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  3. Don't go away mad st (note the lower case), share your insights and answer the questions or STFU.


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  4. Yeah, brilliant dckhed... I assume you're either logged in on your speak 'n spell or perhaps you've borrowed a terminal from a trader on the equities desk at your "bank".
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  5. Jimmy, just for fun I tried to look up professor logic and I received no matches on ET?
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  6. i love this place. :cool:
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  7. gupiao


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  8. My bad, I thought everyone knew who I was talking about.

    Here's the exact name you want to type into the search engine:


    Regardless of what anyone has to say, you can LEARN A LOT from reading his posts ... and remember, that's the only thing you're here for ... besides the incredible entertainment value of reading someone like st's posts (see previous), is to learn how to be a better trader.


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    Just curious - would you care to put your ass on the line and post your costs and purchase dates?
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