The Market is its own leading indicator

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  1. we all look for a correlation between news events and market movement, but I have often wondered if the market itself already "knows" the outcome of current events.

    Today is a great example: does the [equity]market know there is a pause on tap?

    Or maybe did the commodity crash on May 11th signal something ominous ahead?

    Does anyone know of any research that used the market to predict events, which then caused the market itself to move when people reacted to the events?

    just some krazy ramblings.... :cool:
  2. Dummy

    there is no crash there wont be a crash.

    here is the deal about the markets. I am telling you what a 7 figure analyst will tell you but for free.

    the markets were selling off last month cause off cause the fed uncertainty. Now that uncertainty is essentially over so stocks go up gee no surprise there!!

    Fundementals for stocks are GREAT MASSIVE revenue, etc. The fundementals and the prospect of no more rate hikes will send the nasdaq back to 2400 in a few weeks ot a month.

    Shorting any stock is stupid now., Just moronic to say the least. You will get your ass handed to you.

    Buy comodities as well.

    here are stock YOU NEED TO OWN NOW

    GOOG (TARGET 500)

    HANS (TARGET 200)

    TIE (TARGET 47)

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    CHAP (TARGET 74)

    If you buy these stocks now you will make a ******* load of money once the nasdaq returns to 52 wk high. All those stock will return to thier prospective 52 week highs as well since they trade with the market.
  3. i'm not shorting - everytime i short i get my ass handed to me.... no MORE!

    i do buy puts occasionally, put only on momentum stocks that have run up too much.

    this thread has NOTHING to do with a crash, but has everything to do with using the market to forcast near-term events.
  4. bump -

    we knew they were going to raise, but most people didn't think it would rally like this off the news.....

    could the large gap this morning have foretold this?
  5. The rally yesterday foretold it.

    Traders KNOW that rates CANT go up for ever so they are buying on that knowledge.
  6. Lemme guess Mr. bull, you're stktrdr aren't you??? from the ER2 thread? Called for a runn to 800 when ER2 was trading at 780??? Didn't go the way you wanted it did it?

  7. i'm not subscribing to this thread ... but you're still missing a few with this post

    you want to know how price actions forecasts itself?

    look up everything by professor logic, the readings will at least expose you to some of the basic concepts you need to know


  8. your just a blithering idiot
  9. I hope next month will be more bullish and we can easily get into long position. About indicators: indicators are mirror of market(everybody knows this). So to predict indicators one should know market well and of course news, without which it is not interesting.

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