The market is content?

Discussion in 'Technical Analysis' started by billb2112, Mar 3, 2003.

  1. A nice little drop today and the VIX didn't even spike. Also, with it being around 34, that does not measure a great deal of fear to me. So the dow is 7800 and change, the VIX is slightly uncomfortable, but not fearful ... things seem eerily serene.

    Everyone is ok w/ the dow being at 7800 I suppose. :confused:
  2. I think people just get used to the numbers, until they change again!

    Remember after 9/11, the SP was at about 945 or so, rallied to 1180. To think from then it would go to 770 in Oct was not even a question.

    Now at 835..945 looks great, no? Guess people becoming immune and apathetic.

  3. This is what makes Bollinger bands so useful in my opinion. If you look at the July low, most every stock busted through the lower band and snapped back. The penetration was a little weaker in October, but still pretty clear. But now there's no violation and the stochs aren't anywhere near oversold. I'm having doubts that the October lows will hold up.

    Of course, we'll see ... and I trade what I see.
  4. Husky02


    what do you see the nasdaq doing tomorrow
  5. I have no idea. What do you see?
  6. nitro


    I see dead stocks...