"The market is always wrong"

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  1. Cutten


    A lot of market commentators like to say "The market is always right". Which famous trader said the opposite?
  2. I say that alot.
    If it is was always right, it would never change.
  3. Me

  4. pspr


    Soros. I don't like Soros.
  5. Pita


    I am at the limit of understanding, is this a quiz or what is the point of this thread? Care to elaborate cut10? I read a few other posts of yours in the past and usually felt good doing so but this one feels like extended partying:p
  6. You don't have to like him but his past performance speaks for itself.
  7. The market is always right, even when it is wrong!
  8. Nope. The market is always wrong, even when it's right.
  9. My bet is always right, whether the market is right or wrong!
  10. :D
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