The market gave Bush the finger...

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Is there a crash around the corner?

  1. Yes

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  1. I did.....stay SHORT and stay OFTEN!

    ES was my weapon of choice today......more free money, riding the SHORT train in the PLANNED economic destruction "Globalist (wealth transfer) Games 2008"
  2. The market gave Bush the finger...

    The market gave Pelosi the finger and a hug to the wooden arrow industry. The entire wooden arrow sector rallied. Prolly the next bubble.
  3. RV manufacturers must be hot around these days...

    Speculating from the trailer park....
  4. Go long pitchforks.
  5. gnome


    What's the symbol for "Ultra Long Wooden Arrows" ETF?
  6. Bill Cara had a piece this morning about manipulation............ taking the market lower to get in in size much cheaper.

    Now, I"m getting phone calls to the same effect. It did smell a bit, I must say.

    Now, good chartists, market theorist guys are looking for a crash, which make sense. So, if you're going to squeeze this higher, it 's a very nice setup.

    Someday, down the road, we are going to have to take the markets back. I guess it just isn't now.
  7. Does anyone recall a precedent? In this case the USA Government buys securities possibly at a big discount to fair value. In this process The Government might also accelerate the economy. If securities price values increase then The Government might show a large capital gain, or perhaps just a good income on the investment far greater than the cost of borrowed funds.

    Is The Government learning to speculate? Can The Government buy securities then stimulate the economy to generate trading profit for itself?