The Market Does What Golden Slacks Mandates

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  1. Seriously. Have you ever witnessed such seemingly direct control over stock trends based on Goldman's imperatives?

    They put a sell on health care today, a traditionally defensive sector, and it's getting pounded today.

    This is just 1 of 100 examples recently.

    There is someone behind a curtain at GS, and he is the Wizard of Oz.
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    And whats up with there conviction list, enough is enough with these calls, they added GM to there conviction sell list around 11-12 bucks, if they did this when GM was in the mid 20's then maybe I would have said they made a great call, but after the fact its worthless.
  3. Excellent Commentary, ByLoSelHi

    What is even more telling is that you can view the US as a bucket of water owned by individuals and companies.

    There are individuals and companies that specialize in trading water, and thus take ownership of more water on a prorata basis.

    GS, MS, MER....and others by design have to continue to take more than their share of water to progress.

    Thus they are always positioning themselves to take as much water as possible, from those that have water within the US.

    Thus if you have some water, they will be finding a way to get what water you have. They are not and never will be working for you to keep your water.

    And they are armed with advantages such as legal largesse to make it very difficult for you to add more than a normal share of water for youself, and to safeguard their own.

    Note how many GS are also in high government positions. Note how often you see ex SEC officials on Bloomberg that now make many times the money they used to make in the SEC....Note how many ex SEC employees are now WS corporate employees. Quite a bit of incest.

    This is a very demanding self game, to trade and continually take more than your fair share of water, and if you do, speaks volumes for your intelligence and due respect......
  4. they put sells on stuff and a week or two later they upgrade it to buy after having bought t from all the people selling, it's fkin hilarious because it happens over and over again, same shit happened to solar 3 days ago, speaking of healthcareish stocks AMGN is a tank bought in at $46 i will be exiting this soon but i love stocks that perform when the market looks this bad.
  5. I don't think that they are in CONTROL per se, but they are extremely "nimble" as opposed to all of the other I-Bank research.

    Hence, the stepping down of Abbey Joseph Cohen as chief market strategist, having been replaced recently by David Kostin, as per Cohen's request.
  6. Goldman Sachs is a market maker of many stocks and has huge research department.

    So they have privelleges and information that normal individual retail traders don't care to know. They can't front run clients until news is out.

  7. They have a license to lie cheat and steal. Why everyone thinks they are smart is laughable. They are not good business men they are crooks.
  8. good call....i mean when they said to buy financials awhile back they really stopped the downtrend.
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