The market climbs a wall of worry but who is worrying?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by formikatrading, Jan 23, 2004.

  1. The bullish opinion / sentiment is extreme, but the trend and breadth are still strong. How long can the bullish sentiment last?
  2. Was .92 and the highest daily number in about a month.

    Lots of people on ET are worrying.

  3. The billions flowing into equity funds are trying to hard to keep this momentum game going, but guess who's always left holding the bag at the top; it's about time the herd of mutual fund managers who still don't know how to sell get their due.
  4. Seems like the rotation game is trying to keep the market up.

  5. I agree with Formika.

    ROTATION certainly appears to be the key here!
  6. Thats quit a "loaded" comment :)
  7. Mecro


    LOL while true, you are completely ignoring what the other side is doing. It's not as clear as it seems.
  8. Who is "the other side" that is being ignored?