The market cannot defeat you

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  1. Well I certainly will grant you that. I've never seen so many people in one place blame everything other than themselves. The bottom line is sometimes you do everything right and you're still wrong. I don't look at that as a fault. I take responsibility for it, but I wouldn't necessarily change anything unless I see a cluster of mishaps.
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  2. rzepe93


    And these are the people that keep dumping money into the market. They either learn or they don't but no matter what any profitable trader wants these people around because after all someone needs to be taking the other sides of their trades.
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  3. Buy1Sell2


    Too many traders focus on what they can make instead of what they can lose. This causes them to take on way too much risk and they end up defeating themselves.
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  4. volente_00


    "You must first learn how to lose small and gracefully before you learn to win"
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  5. Buy1Sell2


    As I sit here contemplating the cross of the precipice into 2007, I am comforted by a sense of calm. I know through common sense that 2 of the main secrets to successful trading are position sizing and loss control. I know that I cannot be pushed out of the market. I am the only one that can destroy me. I am hopeful that
    I may be able to influence one or two folks in the right direction. Happy New Year All.


    By the by, I would like to hear from someone who believes the market is in control of their account(s)
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    Thanks for your knowledge and kindness Buy1Sell2.

    Happy New Year.
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  7. MattF


    indeed...the market doesn't control my account...only I do from the positions and trades I take.

    The market just gives and takes money along the way based on my decisions...which are neither right nor wrong per say...just based on odds of past experiences.
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  8. You never have to worry about Mr. Market controlling or taking money out of your account. Just make sure Mrs. Market doesn't take control.:D
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  9. Oh yes... you wanna keep that Mrs... as far away from your credit cards as you can... {actually this might apply to all women... }

    Feliz Año Nuevo!!!
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  10. give new meaning to the phrase that "you want to take what the market is giving" :)

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