The market cannot defeat you

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  1. Damn first I reveal my dorky younger days with a D&D reference and then I completely get it wrong....

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    If you htink thta the market is "rigged against your stratagy, (support resistence levels, etc) Why not try a different stratagy? They won't keep changing to "take out" you. Maybe the strat is bad.

    Is the resaurant industry riggerd against new resaurants? 90% of them fail too.

    I trade rather large size in teh futures and I'm pretty sure that no one cares. Just like I don't care what "retail" people have on.
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  3. Mythville.
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    A person having this issue needs to reevaluate position sizing and stop level.
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  6. Then configure your BUY button to sell and your SELL button to buy.
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  7. I've tried that one before... it sounds good in theory but somehow I managed to screw it up...
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  8. What in the world is the point of this thread? All it does is state the obvious. You must become a better trader. Duh
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    thats right, nutty thread nutty answer.

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    Whether you define defeat as wipeout or just less than exemplary returns, it is still you, the trader that can defeat you. The market cannot.
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