The market cannot defeat you

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by Buy1Sell2, Dec 27, 2006.

  1. From this video you can learn how to increase your luck in trading

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  2. Buy1Sell2


    no it will not.
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  3. 13 years later. :D
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  4. %%
    Many millionaires did it that way, as far as stocks,ETFs, mutual funds, dividends.........
    But adding leverage/leverage with margin calls+ get no dividends; it is a completely different game. Excellent post:cool::cool:
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    In the event that you htink thta the market is "fixed against your stratagy, (support resistence levels, and so on) Why not attempt an alternate stratagy? They won't continue evolving to "take out" you. Possibly the strat is terrible.

    Is the resaurant business riggerd against new resaurants? 90% of them flop as well.

    I exchange rather huge size teh fates and I'm almost certain that nobody cares. Much the same as I couldn't care less what "retail" individuals have on.
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    NOT sure I would say counter trend is dangerous. Even though I got some counter trend data early today- it was just plain wrong/dangerous , including futures. But since I use 2 charting services/trends, not much danger of trading off that.LOL

    One danger is looking @ hindsight + saying, wow, if I would have ignored my preplanned stops , could have made more money.LOL [ True in investing; NOT true in trading for long]:D:D
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    To make a profit you must not let yourself be carried away by the market, concentration is the most important thing to achieve the triumph in the market where you are operating, you only have to focus on that goal that both seeks and strengthens your knowledge, analysis and graphics constantly to get it, as long as your determination remains intact the win will come sooner or later.
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