The market cannot defeat you

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    Only you can do that.
  2. Sounds encouraging, but the market defeats 50% of the people every single day. It defeats at least 80% of all traders every year. You can and WILL be defeated by better traders, and no matter what, there will always be better traders. Sure you can become a "better trader" but it is a constantly evolving process which is always under construction.
  3. You just need to learn how to find bigger suckers than yourself then, and you'll make millions.
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    I think what Holy is saying is... chances are "YOU" will be that sucker..:D
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    On a flip side, the market cannot make you rich.
    Only you can do that.

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    The market (other traders) cannot defeat anyone. It is you, the trader that causes your own account to be wiped out.
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    Very good point.

  8. I take objection to this statement.

    It is obvious the futures markets are designed to run as many stops as possible and hurt as many of the little guys (inexperienced with small grubstakes) inclusive.

    If it wasn't like this, all of my trades would be winners....
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    It is the trader who place their stops in the wrong areas with a position size on that is too large. The market does not place the stops.
  10. Being wiped out is one thing. Being a trader that gets returns less than the overall market is another. IMO both are losers but to different degrees.
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