The Many Books Written by ET Members

Discussion in 'Politics' started by aphexcoil, Dec 19, 2002.

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  1. “What do you mean I’m short ES?! Learning to deal with the unexpected.” -- Gordon Gekko

    “It’s right there in the f#%@ing manual. Excelling at Customer Service.” -- Def

    “Go to Hell Asshole! How to Win Over New Friends.” -- daniel_m

    "Fibbing around in Futures" – Quah

    “Avoiding the Shade – Enjoying The Sands.” -- Metooxx

    "I survived the Dot.Com Bubble – How to Make a Million and Never Post." – Baron

    “Six Colorful Pills – My Prescription for Handling Psychosis” – Max401

    “Roaming the Streets – A Guide to Caring for your New Puppy.” -- Nitro

    “The philosophy of Bullshit – Secret Eastern Methods to Sounding Profound.” -- Publias

    “Digital Art – Photoshop Techniques for the Gay Man.” -- Optional777

    "Stroking your Beard to Financial Freedom" – Oldtrader

    “Get this Kid Out of Our Basement.” -- Gordon’s Mom

    “Yada Yada Yada -- Talking the Market to Death for True Profits" – BobCathy

    “Iraq, conspiracies and Government Propaganda – Paranoia and your Profits” – Babak

    “Get your Spurs On – Riding it All the Way Home.” -- Bungrider

    “1,700 Posts Later, I’m still just as Stupid.” -- Aphie

    “Bitch and Moan – The Market Hates You.” -- qdz

    “Linux for Winners – Trading under a Different OS.” -- Madison

    “I Spilled My margarita – Walking through Hot Sands Again.” -- Metooxx

    “One Market, One Man, One Plan – Busting Balls with ETFs” – QQQBall

    “fundamentals are for Faggots.” -- Tech Analysis

    “Trading in Lancaster – Why did I Marry this Amish Bitch?” -- CandleTrader

    “Everything in Moderation – How to Edit Other Peoples’ Books.” -- Magna

    “HTML for Idiots – How to get those little squiggly lines in your Domain Name” – ChasinFla

    “Looking up Short Skirts – Where There is Grass, Play Ball!” -- Tampa

    “Message in a Bottle – Get me Off this f#@king Island!” – Seanote

    “Straight Pimpin’ – Running Capers” – Don Bright

    “22 Degrees, 45 Degrees – Find an Angle to the Market!” -- WDGann

    "Increasing the Size of Your Position in a Liquid Market." -- INANDLONG
  2. clever and funny, surely you have more.
  3. that is hilarious aphie. Very funny.

  4. bobcathy1

    bobcathy1 Guest

    :D :D
  5. :D very nice....
  6. nkhoi


    I heard "22 Degrees.." got good review :D
  7. You forgot

    "The art of crafting fine meats and cheeses" by Ernie Barsamian

    HE IS $$$$HUGE$$$$
  8. Funny... I was actually going to mention him. I'll never forget "bring me your finest meats and cheeses". An entertaining day on ET that was....
  9. bobcathy1

    bobcathy1 Guest

    Would You Like Cheese with that Whine?
    The Quitter's Guide to the Stock Markets....
    by Assorted Authors
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    definitely your best post
    #10     Dec 19, 2002
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