The Manipulation Has To Stop!

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  1. At what point does the market see through the government bullshit?
  2. where are you short from? On paper of course, we know you don't really trade per your previous posts.
  3. well, as of now, the gov't is in charge of the banks, they are majority share holders and they are in control of the TARP.

    did you really think the STRESS TEST would go by so easily with some kind of illusion of struggle ?

    they gotta at least make it look like the stress test was difficult.

    I don't think market will go below 8000 dow, it's had every chance to and yet keeps going up.
  4. At the point when you stop wasting my time by posting this shit in the trading section.
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    Very good question, everyone thinks the economic outlook looks bright, the biggest credit crisis in history over in just one short year, hahahaha. Only fools believe that one. Without the printing press working overtime this market would not have been propped up like it has been since early march. Trillions of dollars being spent to create another fantasy like economy. Believe me when I say the worse has yet to come within this economy.
  6. You have to be more specific. Which manipulation? The government manipulates the data and Goldman manipulates the market. That is what is known in politics as a public-private partnership.
  7. Since you are aware of the "manipulation", why don't you just make a profit on it.

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    Not hard to tell who is holding positions deep in the red. They can't help themselves but to tell the world for some reason.

    Me, when I do something really fucking stupid I usually keep it to myself, unless asked about it out right.
  9. who gives a shit.

    i made money today:D
  10. He's merely a paid poster on ET.
    He has no trading account.
    He doesn't trade.
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