The Man Who Saved the World

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    Probably you didn't know, but if you are alive today, you can thank to this man:


    As no good deed goes unpunished, after saving the world from a nuclear holocaust, his promising military carrier came to an end.
    We were very greatful to him, and recognized his heroic decission with $1000, that is how much we value our lifes :

    "on May 21, 2004, the San Francisco-based Association of World Citizens gave Colonel Petrov its World Citizen Award along with a trophy and 1,000 United States dollars in recognition of the part he played in averting a catastrophe."

    Today he is living basicly in poverty, $200 a month. If you are a profitable trader, you might want to send him a couple of bucks with a thank you note...

    P.S.: Similar events like in the movie Crimson tide also happened, except that it occured on a Russian submarine during the Cuban crisis:
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    That is a good (terrifying) story. Thanks for posting it.

  3. The guy would make an excellent forex trader!

    We have a lot of false alarms in this market.

    Diverting disaster is a key to trading success.

  4. "Who would order an attack with only five missiles? That big an idiot has not been born yet, (...)"

    He had very good judgement and yes, he saved the world.
  5. Fascinating story.
  6. any intelligent rational secular man would have hesitated, and he did ..