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  1. muller


    anybody seen this yet?

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    part 1 of 3...
    full speach here:
  2. abolish the income tax. Now how are we suppose to do that.
  3. kana


    Americans are cowards, biggest cowards in the world.

    Why aren't Bush and neocons in jail for FAKE WMDs in Iraq and fake war in Iraq

    Why aren't Geithner and Paulson in jail for tricking congress and Bailing out Goldman Sachs and other wealthy elites.

    Why America ??

    Because you are are all cowards, Every Damn One of You.
  4. I completely agree with you... This all stems from the lack of accountability for the Iraq war... If its okay to commit mutiple war crimes in Iraq and add in torture and illegal rendition and NOBODY has to pay for that... then everything is on the table as ok - nothing is illegal or accounted for... and that is what we have...
  5. A corrupt federal government that owns the armed services can do pretty much what they want. With elections, corruption is simply replaced by corruption.