The man contradicts himself in the same sentences!

Discussion in 'Economics' started by PAPA ROACH, Feb 20, 2008.

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  2. Don't know who the guy is, but that sh*t is hysterical.


    Edit--Is that Jack "Scam" Hershey?
  3. maxpi


    Any quotes from the tool where his sentences don't quite add up?
  4. It looks like Dennis Neale from cnbc but there aren't any tools big enough in the piture to confirm it.
  5. That is Fed Governor William Poole a.k.a. Poole the Tool

    example of his brilliance-

    "rates may have to go lower before rising" coupled with "current situation is not a crisis"
    Well, Tool, if it isn't a crisis then why do we need to continue to lower rates?


    "recession fears must be balanced vs. inflation" with "inflation creeping in the wrong direction"

    Again, Mr. Tool sir, why are you continuing to lower rates with inflation going the wrong way, especially if we are not in a crisis?

    the list goes on and on, he is not predicting a recession, which is a good fade as he also predicted that there would be no problem with subprime and GDP will continue to grow at 2.5%+.
  6. Adobian


    When will thee people, including Bernanke, be replaced by more competent ones?
  7. ...when the population becomes more competent not to elect people like bush (who brought in bernanke)???

    although, i have to say the real problem with the fed is a complete lack of coordination with policy makers ... Fed policy needs to be coordinated with macroeconomic planning, which it is not. Thus it appears broken very often.
  8. competent people dont want the job.
  9. Government bureaucrats.
    If they had any talent, they wouldn't be.