The "Male Pill"?

Discussion in 'Stocks' started by Martha Stewart, Oct 30, 2006.

  1. Anyone knows who? (which company?) holds the patent for this product? Sure sounds like they're close to making this available to the public.

    If there's a stock related to this drug... cha-ching!!!
    I'd love a piece of this action!

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    Oh I'm sure you would Martha. Be careful not to wind up in the slammer this time.
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    it's just a cruel hoax, don't get your hope up :(
  4. Don't know how close they are, but it is not a hoax. They can stop the production of sperm with hormones right now, it's just can they control the side affects. Weight gain and acne isn't really desirable for guys trying to get laid. But then again they've been working on it for 20+ years so who knows. I was on vacation in Europe in 1997, and met one of the leading researchers on the subject (back then atleast, and he had no need for the drug by the way). And his team was working on a drug that messed with the sperms receptors and the ability for it to recognize that it had found pay dirt. But I guess that technology didn't work.
  5. from the BBC:

    Tests on rats show blocking connections to cells which "nurture" developing sperm makes the animals infertile.

    The US and Italian researchers say they used relatively low doses of the molecule and found no obvious side effects, and the effect was reversible.

  6. You can just see the lawsuits coming in.
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    stole my post!

    Will the men be able to make some babies after they stop taking it?
    I would stay away from this one.
  8. Not sure what you mean by the male pill - contraception or performance side of things?

    I'll assume the topic here is birth control. In this case any good radiation disposal company would be a good investment if they can get the stuff put into pills. It would pretty much give 100% results on making a man infertile (permanently) but the glow in the dark side effect and night light that pops out of the covers at night causes insomnia and would probably cause more more break ups and forced impotence than it would be worth. :D