The main tactical desicion by Obama that sealed McCain's fate....

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  1. Obama deciding to opt-out of public financing. That is by far what shapped this race. Obama is now looking at over 100 million to spend with 2 weeks out, while McCain is forced to pull out of key states due to lack of funds. McCain is crying fowl because of this.... saying this will set a dangerous trend for future elections.

    It also didn't help that McCain chose a running mate that fell victim to a "GOTCHA QUESTION" by a 4th grader. A 4th grader's question to Palin... (What is the job of a vice president?) turned out to be a gotcha question. Truely amazing stuff. HOW THE FUCK CAN SOMEONE RUNNING FOR VP NOT KNOW WHAT HER JOB IS????

    Maybe the 4th grader was a plant??:confused:
  2. The job of the VP, outside a few duties like the Senate, is really up to the President.

    What made Obama was the Media. If he wins, they did it. If he fucks up, they'll walk away like a punk after a smashandgrab.

    Maybe it's good. For four years the other side can finger point and protest.
  3. I 'm not a Palin fan but I was surprised at her answer.
  4. I cringed at the answer, I felt embarrassed for her.
    she's a disgrace.

    McCain has proven repeatedly absence of either strategic or tactical thinking.

    -- Failure to vet Palin
    -- Failure to vet "Joe the Plumber"
    -- Erratic behavior during the financial crisis (campaign suspension)
    -- Failure to plan for a long campaign during the primaries (had to fire his camping manager ,start for scratch)

    He had no choice but to go with public financing He has no support among the rich, the only people who support him are "Joe the plumber"s and they have no money, in that regard he can be thankful to "socialist" America for paying his campaign expenses.
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    Not to mention scared of her presence, smarts, experience, appeal to women and ability to energize the Republican base...
  6. Presence boosted the career of Tina Fey-- check

    Appeal to "Jesus walked with Dinosaurs" women -- check

    Smarts, vocabulary of a third grader --check

    Ability to energize the republican base the way a clueless plumber could --check
  7. the only thing you have right is the ability to energize the Rep are WAAAAAAAAAY off base on the other declaratives..
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    If these checks were real, the Dems would not have been so scared of her and tried so hard to badmouth her every way they can, we all know that.

    Here we have a party that's pushing an inexperienced professional politician whose only qualification (other than the obvious AA credentials) is that he can read a teleprompter well, who has consistently shown terrible judgment in befriending terrorists and embezzlers, not to mention Farrakhan, and in belonging to a vile, racist, anti-American church for over 20 years, who has never contributed any new laws or other legislative initiatives but has spent all his time campaining for many years...

    How did he get there? Big money (Soros et al) and the far left liberal elite pushed him with the help of the shamelessly sold-out media. And, he's probably going to win. What a disgrace! Excuse me for not being enthused. :(

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  10. turn that frown upside down..... rejoice, for we will no longer be under the dictatorship of King George!
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